Cobre 29


Discover Cobre 29 in Valencia

Embark on a wellness journey at our new Cobre 29 Massage & Spa centre located at the Meliá Hotel, Valencia.

Cobre 29 is a massage space dedicated to wellbeing and health, in alliance with copper and its beneficial properties. Stress and fatigue dominate our lives, eroding the vitality of our body.

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Av. de les Corts Valencianes, 52. 46015. Valencia. spain


+34 961 36 80 60



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Main pool

Access to the main pool, with waterfalls, jets and bubble area. 

Turkish bath

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of absolute relaxation in our relaxing Turkish bath.

Exquisite drink

In the water area you can enjoy an exquisite drink served in copper glasses.


Perfect for cleansing the skin, reducing stress or improving blood circulation.


Jacuzzi, let yourself be enveloped by the bubbles and the magic of the copper lights in the room.

Interactive showers

 From refreshing cold showers to stimulating jets of hot water.


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